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Pass your OutSystems Certification Exam in the first attempt with our Practice Tests
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"How can the Practice Tests help me?"


In English, with an official training partner

We are an OutSystems Official Training Partner and our Practice Tests are in English, so you can have the knowledge and the confidence to ace the test.


Double it

Our practice tests have at least twice as many questions as the Official OutSystems Certification exam.


Realistic Simulation

Our questions are carefully selected to provide an authentic experience, with the same structure and difficulty level as if you were in the real exam.



Receive comprehensive feedback after each try, highlighting your strengths and areas that need more attention. 


Wide Content Coverage

Master key topics and be prepared with all the essential concepts and skills needed to excel on the exam

Convenience and Flexibility


Access the Practice Test as many times as you want within the 60-day access period.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee


It's simple, if you didn't like the practice test, just send us one email in up to 7 days after your purchase, and we will give you a full refund.

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Choose Your Practice Test And Start Now!

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Some Of Our Success Stories:


It has helped me to assess my knowledge, simulate the real exam environment, identify areas for improvement, and develop essential skills that contributed to my overall success on the certification exam.

Marcela Soares Domingues (LinkedIn)

- Brazil


The practice test helped me to understand the content of the questions of the actual exam. The practice test of Rafa Outsystems Academy are very close to the actual exam and a great help in what to expect.

The result of the test exam is divided in helpfull sections and help you to study more thoroughly the subject that need more attention. The test exam where for me an undisputed help of passing the exam. And I did ;-)

Marcel van der Vliet (LinkedIn)

- Netherlands


The Practice Test was of great help in achieving my certification - it covered all critical aspects of the certification exam.

Joao Jose Rua Correia dos Santos (LinkedIn)

- Portugal


The practice test was very important for my certification. I used the practice test for both the Traditional and Reactive certifications. The terms and topics covered in the practice tests helped fill gaps in my understanding of the questions, and sometimes understanding why one of the answers is incorrect helps solidify the understanding of a specific subject. When taking the certification exams, the subjects, structure, and wording are not a surprise. And that, absolutely, makes a difference.

Carina Lopes Ramires (LinkedIn)

- Portugal


The Practice Test gave me a good idea of the areas I needed to improve before taking the official exam, in addition to providing me with a good understanding of the question dynamics, which were quite similar. I obtained my certificate. Thank you!

Marcos Eduardo Elorza (LinkedIn)

- Brazil


Without a doubt, the Practice Test was crucial in my certification. I noticed a continuous improvement in the number of correct answers. With a 90% success rate on the Practice Test, I told myself: You are prepared! And that's what happened!

Roberto Zardetto (LinkedIn)

- Brazil

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"And what happens after I have completed the Practice Test?"


Then the results of your Practice Test will be sent to you by e-mail, together with your score, your score by knowledge area and also with useful links to the individual topics that you may need to study in more detail.

It also helps you create a study plan to reduce knowledge gaps. We recommend that you take numerous assessments to gauge your preparation process.

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About us:

Rafael Pereira

Founder of RafaOutSystems Academy

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"RafaOutSystems Academy is an official partner for OutSystems training. Since 2019, we have been helping our students learn and achieve their goals with OutSystems, including passing the OutSystems Certification Exam."

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Start Now With One Of Our Practice Tests: (FLASH SALE 50% DISCOUNT)


Associate Reactive Developer O11

100 questions


Associate Traditional Web Developer O11

100 questions


Mobile Developer Specialist O11

40 questions

Associate Tech Lead O11


100 questions


Architecture Specialist O11

70 questions


Do you have any questions?

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